Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Diary of Betty Herndon Maury - June 10, 1861

Monday June 10th [1861]

Mama returned from Farley Vale on Saturday and Papa came up from Richmond. He is rather blue. does not know how Jeff Davis and his ‘clique’ will work. He has made it understood that now Virginia is given up to him and is one of the Confederate States that all the commissions and appointments given by her are null and void and that if any retain their places it is a gift from him.

Got a letter from Dick. Says there was great excitement among the people at Lexington a few days ago. They heard that the Ohio troops had taken possession of the White Sulphur Springs and were on their way to Lexington. The people telegraphed to Lynchburg and Staunton for aid. They were wild with fear. Dick offered to ride out on the road by which they were expected, but he was ordered to stay to protect the barracks. One man offered to stay on the powder magazine, and when the enemy had filled the town to blow up self, magazine, enemy and all. Such is the spirit of our western men.

These panics are raised continually throughout the State. The enemy are narrowing in upon us on every side except the South. On the east, north and west they get nearer and nearer every day.

Governor Wise is forming a legion for the protection of Western Virginia. It is likely to be very popular. Charley Blackford is Captain in it.

Nanny and Mr. Corbin came up on Sunday. The latter was dressed in a full suit of uniform Nanny had made for him. He had Papa’s old Navy buttons on his blue flannel shirt. N says the U.S. stands for United South. Mr. C wears a sword taken from a French officer at Waterloo. Papa returned to Richmond this morning.

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